Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Product Review: Apple & Eve Fruitables Juice Boxes

I was browsing the juice box section of WalMart before our trip last week. I usually buy whatever is the cheapest 100% juice. Turns out, there is a fruit and vegetable juice combo that wasn't any more expensive than the other kinds.
As I turned to the side of the package to peruse the ingredients list, I'm sure my mouth started to drop open. Here's the list (for the berry berry flavor):

Ingredients Juice from Apple, Purple Carrot, Sweet Potato, Butternut Squash, Beet, Pear, Strawberry, Raspberry and Tomato Juice Concentrates (Filtered Water and Juice Concentrates), Filtered Water, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Vegetable Color, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin E Acetate.

Beet juice? Really? Butternut squash? Tomato? Purple Carrot? I bought them, in the back of my head thinking Aaron would love it, but Ian wouldn't go for it.
I'm happy to report I was wrong. They both love these juice boxes. Ian noticed the carrot in the picture, but just in saying, "Mommy! There's a carrot on this juice box!" He doesn't seem to care that this juice is more veggie than fruit...and not just any veggies...the "not so widely accepted" veggies 'round this house like squash and beet. (I know. My asparagus-loving kids are weird.)

The juice inside (the berry berry flavor that we tried) is a clear-pink color. Not like a lot of the other vegetable/fruit juice combos I've seen, which were not clear juice and a thicker texture. This juice is clear like any other kind of juice box. So far I haven't noticed the juice staining any clothing or carpeting. 

It gets better, though. Here's the rest of Apple and Eve's description of their fruitables juice boxes:

Naturally flavored juice beverage from concentrate. No sugar added. 1 combined serving of fruits & vegetables. 1/3 less sugar naturally (Fruitables has 1/3 less sugar compared to other juices and juice drinks). Fruitable has 1/3 less sugar than other juices & juice drinks; a combined serving of fruits & vegetables; only 70 calories per serving; 100% vitamin C; a good source of vitamins A & E. Fruitables doesn't have added sugars; high fructose corn syrup; artificial sweeteners; artificial flavors; artificial preservatives. Fruitables - a juice beverage that's packed with fruit and veggies but has 1/3 less sugar than other juices and juice drinks (Fruitables has 1/3 less sugar compared to other juices and juice drinks). This is one refreshing way to get the healthy nutrition you need every day. Hey, who said fruit & veggies weren't delicious? Apple & Eve Fruitables provides the combined equivalent of one fruit and vegetable serving per juice box. According to the USDA dietary guidelines, a 1/2 cup of fruits and vegetables equals one serving of fruit and vegetable juice (4 oz). Each Apple & Eve Fruitables juice box provides over 4 oz. of fruit and vegetable juice. Pledge of Purity: This product is made with pure fruit & vegetable juices. There are no added sugars, preservatives, or artificial colors. Pasteurized. Gluten free. Sugars naturally occurring from juice. 66% juice. Packaged in USA.

I'm in love with these juice boxes. I mean, I don't necessarily love juice boxes, but I love that they are lower sugar, HFCS and artificial sweetener free, and have a complete serving of fruit and veggies in each serving. The price difference was minimal and since we only serve juice boxes on occasion I think I'm going to stick with this kind! 

If you have a juice-lover, give this kind a try! Can't hurt, right?


  1. I am a little surprised that you've just discovered these, but YAY!!! These are the ONLY juice boxes we have at our house. They can be a few cents more expensive, but for some of the AWESOME things that you pointed out above, I wait for them to be on sale at Giant Eagle (2/$5 usually) and then you can now and then snag $1 off coupons...making them cheaper than the other "fake juice" pouches and boxes. Isaac has his fave flavor, but he likes all of them. Oh, and I LOVE that these are packaged in the USA, so (less) worry about the nastiness that can come with Capri Suns packaged in China?!? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

  2. PS--I've seen on the Apples and Eve website that they have fruitables juices available in "larger-than-juice-box" quantity, but I've never seen bottles anywhere. Have you?

  3. I saw the bigger bottles on their website too, but so far I haven't seen them in the stores. I haven't looked much yet, though.

    I bought the regular Apple & Eve juice boxes at Sam's all summer last year. I will definitely be looking when I go the next time.

  4. We love these, too. Claire once asked me why there were vegetables on the box, and looked a little skeptical. I just said "Oh, well, you know how much Elmo loves vegetables" and left it at that. My kids much prefer these to their usual "treat" juice- Motts for Tots.