Monday, August 1, 2011

Ian's Swimming

I decided it was high time to start taking our good camera places again, so here are some shots of Ian at swimming today. He's really starting to love it! The lifeguard who is with him is his girlfriend, I think... she seems to really like him a lot, and he likes her too! Aaron plays on the playground and with toys while Ian swims. He is such a good little brother that he doesn't seem to mind (and seems to really understand) that these are Ian's lessons, not a time for Aaron to swim too. He did the same thing during soccer last spring. He's content to watch Ian and play on his own. It's adorable.

Ian has really taken to the water. He can stand on the bottom with his head all the way out of the water. I'm not sure when he discovered this (sometime last week) but he's really into lessons now that he knows he doesn't have to sit on the wall during instructions. He's loving swimming lessons and I'm so glad! I believe every child (person) should know how to swim. It's so important. I'm glad he's receptive to learning. I can't wait to get Aaron in the pool next year and start him down the road to being a fish like his mom & dad.

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