Saturday, February 4, 2012

Say, "CHEESE!"

I've always wanted to try making cheese. This Mozzarella making kit was featured on recently, so I took the nudge and grabbed one.

We took the plunge into cheese making today.

First you heat up the milk.
And you have your helper check it with the thermometer,
you're looking for 85 degrees, first, then you add the citric acid.

This is how Ian smiled when I said, "look like you're having fun!"

This is about half-way through the curdling process.

Kneading & smoothing.

After chilling for an hour in the fridge.

On homemade pizza (and stromboli) for dinner!
It was fun! It was a little messy, and a little weird, but it was fun.  Of course we learned some things for the "next time" we make mozzarella... like not to forget to add the salt and not to knead it quite so much (for a nice, soft texture like we like for pizza.) It was perfect for shredding or slicing. I know I shouldn't have been surprised that an entire gallon of two percent milk only yielded an approx. 12oz ball of cheese, but I was. It seemed like a waste to throw away all the whey. Can you do anything with whey? I'm going to have to Google it.

PS- you don't need the cheese making kit, but it was an easy way to get all the necessary ingredients. I probably won't buy another kit now that I know what I need and how to do it. I also probably won't take up  cheese making as part of our daily life here on the homestead... but we will do it again.


  1. It looks terrific!!! The pizza looks DELISH!!! But HOW DID IT TASTE??? :)

  2. You can use the whey to make ricotta cheese!