Monday, April 30, 2012

'Burgher Thoughts

  • Lauren has slept through the night the last two nights. A blessing from the Lord! (As Jonah, the Veggie Tales Asparagus would say...)
  • Ian had a baseball game yesterday and the team we were playing was really good. They made a play at 2nd base and got Ian out. I think it was his first time being tagged out and he didn't take it well. It's hard being a baseball mom when stuff like that happens. I couldn't do anything but talk him through it and continue to encourage him. I think it is an excellent lesson for him though... you don't always win in life. You just have to pick yourself up, wipe off your tears and try again! There is a really sweet boy on Ian's team named Jonathan who, at the tender age of 5 (or 6? he seems really mature...) was talking to Ian & encouraging him, too. "It's okay, Ian, I get out sometimes too. Now we get to go out in the field and tag them out. C'mon Ian, put on your glove! We need you out there!" What a sweetheart! If anyone is interested in coming to one of Ian's games, let me know and I'll send you the schedule.
  • Only two weeks until my niece Jessica and her fiance Steele's wedding! I don't have my dress back from alterations and I'm not sure why. It was supposed to be done last week. I guess I'll be calling them? Lauren's dress is all ready, we're just waiting on her hair bow to arrive from Etsy and I'm still searching for a pair of frilly little girl socks in off-white color. Anybody know of a good "frilly sock" store? I had a pair of off-white, dressy socks for Lauren when she was an infant, but I think they were a gift. I have no idea what store they came from! 
  • We were really thankful that both of our cars passed inspection this year with little work that needed done. Roger's 11 year old Camry, with 160something thousand miles on it, doesn't have functioning air conditioning anymore. Kinda stinks to learn that only when it is hot enough outside to need air conditioning. I feel bad for his summer parkway commutes...maybe we should start thinking about trading it in and getting something a little newer? It's been such a good car for us!

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