Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension

I suppose it's about time for me to update on how the Next Vandervort (Sixth Vandervort? Number Four?) is gestating. For the most part, he's getting along well in there. On the other hand, my general "life status" is busy, stressed, etc., which is making my blood pressure high at times.

It's not always high, but high at the doctor's office twice in a row means I've suddenly gone from a normal fourth pregnancy to a "higher risk" fourth pregnancy. Not so high risk that my regular doctor has referred me to the perinatologists at Magee, but higher risk than normal = more doctor's appointments, more tests, more everything ... except rest.

So right now I'm seeing my doctor twice a week and at those appointments I have to have a Non-Stress Test.  I also had to do a 24-hour urine catch test and have a whole bunch of blood work, an ultrasound to check on baby growth... And I have to take my blood pressure at home multiple times a day.

Everything is fine. No test so far has had any elevated level of concern at all. All my blood pressure readings at home are totally normal. It's only high in the doctor's office, yet, I am still signed up for all of the "extras." So they want me to chill out, but they've added all kinds of extras to my days. Coordinating care for Aaron & Lauren during all of this, plus making sure I'm done so I can get Ian off the bus... taking blood pressures... It's a lot to keep up with on top of all the other things I do. Of course I will do it and I will try to stay positive about it. It could be so much worse. We're very blessed and I know that. It doesn't make it easier, though.

I'm SO tired.

Oh, and I gave up coffee/caffeine. So there's that, too.

I'm currently holding steady at 6 pounds of total weight gain, measuring right on schedule, baby is head down & in the 65th percentile for growth.

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