Who Are We?

Susan:  I'm a Social Studies teacher turned Stay-At-Home mom of four beautiful children. I'm a Christian. I love food. I might be what you's consider a tad "crunchy."

Roger: He's my hardworking husband and the best daddy (besides my own, of course) ever! He does something computer-ish with SAP at Bayer and I bet he'll tell me again exactly how to describe his job once he reads this.

Ian:  He's our smart, stubborn comedian. He's turning 6 this spring. He goes to kindergarten and loves legos.

Aaron: Our precious four year old who has a bunch of medical issues. He was born with unilateral renal agenesis. He developed asthma & has allergies to egg & dust mites. He's so sweet, more shy than big brother, but impressively intelligent.

Lauren: We got our girl! (Except, she was a surprise...) She's a diva already and not afraid to run with the big dogs. Lauren will be three this summer.